Month: August 2018

Welcome Back

Welcome back to a new school year! I am excited to be here for the start of a new school year. There are lots of changes that have (and are and will be) taking place.

One set of changes is curricular. We have a new (cohesive and comprehensive) Bible curriculum from K-8 developed by Positive Action for Christ. Each student, if they start in Kindergarten and move through grade 8, will now have worked their way through the Bible two times before moving on to the topical approach found in grades 9-12. We have (that is to say, the books are ordered and will be arriving soon) a new math program, Jump Math, for Kindergarten to grade 6. We will work on adding a new math program for grades 7-9 next year.

We have added a variety of new courses as well: Accounting, Life Transitions, Calculus, Economics, and Law. These course options help us to fulfill our mission: ‘to┬ástrengthen the family, serve the Church, and influence the world’.

We have some new faces in the building this year: Mrs. Benavides (EA), Mrs. Palm (grade 6), Mrs. Clendining (Elementary Resource Teacher, and Mrs. Kotelnikoff (Business Office and Board Administrative Assistant). Even though all have worked at SCS in the past, we welcome them back this year.

Finally, we have some long-awaited updates coming out over the next month. We have updated our dress code and our discipline policy. We are still working on updating the entire staff handbook as well as the student-parent handbook. Once the update is complete, we will post the student-parent handbook on the (parent portal section) website.