Month: August 2017


Seeing as this is my first blog post for Saskatoon Christian School, I think it would be good to share some of my academic background with you.

I have spent most of my years in British Columbia. I graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Arts. My major was Canadian History and my two minors were English and German. I ended up being a substitute teacher in the Surrey and Mission school districts for 2.5 years. This was not a full-time equivalent job, so I ended up managing an RV parts department for those years as well. That is where I was working when I first got into education.

I got a phone call in early July asking if I would be interested in being the principal/teacher of a new Christian school. In that first year, I taught grade 4-10, was the full-time principal, secretary, bus driver, and janitor. After classes ended, I would vacuum the building and clean the bathrooms and empty out the garbage cans. I had three students that first year: grade 4, 7, and 9. In my second year, the only thing that changed was that I had students in grade 5, 8, and 9. That school grew from 7 students in my first year, to 76 students. In my last years there, I taught most subjects at the grade 10-12 level. During those years I was also on the preaching team of the church that governed the school. I was at that school for 8 years. During this time I earned my Masters in Education in Administration from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.

I was then called to become the principal of a Christian (church) school in the Interior of British Columbia. I now ‘graduated’ to teaching only at the secondary level (most subjects at the grade 10-12 level) as well as being the principal. Over my 10 years at that school, enrollment grew from 48 to students to 176 students. My full title at that school was Associate Pastor of Christian Education.  I served as one of the pastors (and was ordained through the Evangelical Free Church of Canada) as well as being principal and teacher. That is where I started working on my doctorate in Education.

I was then called to a Christian school on Vancouver Island. I again taught part-time (English Language Arts and Bible) and was full-time principal. My task was to strengthen the academic and discipleship aspects of the school. I finished my doctorate in Educational Leadership through Northcentral University in July 2016. My dissertation topic was a case study on how to help boys succeed in a grade 8-12 Christian school context. I also served as transition pastor of a struggling church in the area.

That brings me to Saskatoon Christian School. I am excited to be here and see what God has planned for me, my family, SCS, and the greater SCS community. I look forward to meeting you and working together to develop a Christian school that honours God, exalts Christ, and disciples students to prepare and encourage them ‘to serve the Church, strengthen communities and influence the world’.

First blog post

First blog post

Welcome to my new blog: Principal’s Ponderings. My goal is to have a new post every Friday of the school year. See you soon.